ip                167 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/include/nameserv.h     struct in_addr *ip;         /* The ip list for this name. */
ip                428 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/include/nameserv.h     struct in_addr ip;
ip                 26 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/include/proto.h void iface_set_default (char *ip, char *bcast, char *nmask);
ip                 27 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/include/proto.h BOOL ismyip (struct in_addr ip);
ip                 34 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/include/proto.h struct in_addr *iface_bcast (struct in_addr ip);
ip                 35 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/include/proto.h struct in_addr *iface_ip (struct in_addr ip);
ip                139 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/include/proto.h BOOL get_myname (char *my_name, struct in_addr *ip);
ip                144 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/include/proto.h BOOL zero_ip (struct in_addr ip);
ip                200 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/include/proto.h BOOL send_one_packet (char *buf, int len, struct in_addr ip, int port, int type);
ip                296 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/include/proto.h BOOL cli_connect (struct cli_state *cli, const char *host, struct in_addr *ip);
ip                334 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/include/proto.h void sort_query_replies (char *data, int n, struct in_addr ip);
ip                698 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/include/smb.h     struct in_addr ip;
ip                143 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c     struct in_addr ip;
ip                157 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c         ip = *interpret_addr2 (token);
ip                163 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c                 if (ip_equal (ip, i->ip))
ip                173 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c         iface->ip = ip;
ip                184 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c             default_netmask (&iface->nmask, &iface->ip);
ip                186 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c         iface->bcast.s_addr = MKBCADDR (iface->ip.s_addr, iface->nmask.s_addr);
ip                198 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c         DEBUG (2, ("Added %s ip=%s ", description, inet_ntoa (iface->ip)));
ip                215 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c         iface->ip = default_ip;
ip                219 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c         get_myname (NULL, &iface->ip);
ip                228 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c         get_broadcast (&iface->ip, &iface->bcast, &iface->nmask);
ip                234 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c         iface->bcast.s_addr = MKBCADDR (iface->ip.s_addr, iface->nmask.s_addr);
ip                237 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c     if (iface->bcast.s_addr != MKBCADDR (iface->ip.s_addr, iface->nmask.s_addr))
ip                239 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c         DEBUG (2, ("Warning: inconsistent interface %s\n", inet_ntoa (iface->ip)));
ip                245 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c     DEBUG (2, ("Added interface ip=%s ", inet_ntoa (iface->ip)));
ip                266 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c iface_set_default (char *ip, char *bcast, char *nmask)
ip                268 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c     if (ip)
ip                271 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c         default_ip = *interpret_addr2 (ip);
ip                292 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c ismyip (struct in_addr ip)
ip                296 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c         if (ip_equal (i->ip, ip))
ip                310 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c         if ((from.s_addr & i->nmask.s_addr) == (i->ip.s_addr & i->nmask.s_addr))
ip                373 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c         return &i->ip;
ip                381 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c iface_find (struct in_addr ip)
ip                384 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c     if (zero_ip (ip))
ip                388 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c         if (same_net (i->ip, ip, i->nmask))
ip                409 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c         unsigned x1 = (unsigned) str_checksum (inet_ntoa (i->ip));
ip                424 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c iface_bcast (struct in_addr ip)
ip                426 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c     struct interface *i = iface_find (ip);
ip                431 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c iface_ip (struct in_addr ip)
ip                433 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c     struct interface *i = iface_find (ip);
ip                434 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/interface.c     return (i ? &i->ip : &local_interfaces->ip);
ip                371 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/netmask.c     struct in_addr ip, nmask;
ip                387 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/netmask.c     memcpy ((char *) &ip, (char *) hp->h_addr, hp->h_length);
ip                389 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/netmask.c     if (get_netmask (&ip, &nmask) == 0)
ip               1825 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/util.c get_myname (char *my_name, struct in_addr * ip)
ip               1860 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/util.c     if (ip)
ip               1861 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/util.c         putip ((char *) ip, (char *) hp->h_addr);
ip               1969 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/util.c zero_ip (struct in_addr ip)
ip               1972 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/util.c     putip ((char *) &a, (char *) &ip);
ip                699 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/util_sock.c send_one_packet (char *buf, int len, struct in_addr ip, int port, int type)
ip                718 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/util_sock.c     putip ((char *) &sock_out.sin_addr, (char *) &ip);
ip                724 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/util_sock.c                    len, inet_ntoa (ip), port, type == SOCK_DGRAM ? "DGRAM" : "STREAM"));
ip                731 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/util_sock.c                    inet_ntoa (ip), port, unix_error_string (errno)));
ip               2515 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/libsmb/clientgen.c cli_connect (struct cli_state * cli, const char *host, struct in_addr * ip)
ip               2521 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/libsmb/clientgen.c     if (!ip || ip_equal (*ip, ipzero))
ip               2527 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/libsmb/clientgen.c         if (ip)
ip               2528 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/libsmb/clientgen.c             *ip = cli->dest_ip;
ip               2532 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/libsmb/clientgen.c         cli->dest_ip = *ip;
ip                 82 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/libsmb/namequery.c     p.ip = to_ip;
ip                143 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/libsmb/namequery.c                                     inet_ntoa (p2->ip)));
ip                199 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/libsmb/namequery.c         pstring ip, flags, extra;
ip                211 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/libsmb/namequery.c         pstrcpy (ip, "");
ip                217 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/libsmb/namequery.c         if (next_token (&ptr, ip, NULL, sizeof (ip)))
ip                241 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/libsmb/namequery.c         DEBUG (4, ("getlmhostsent: lmhost entry: %s %s %s\n", ip, name, flags));
ip                249 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/libsmb/namequery.c         *ipaddr = *interpret_addr2 (ip);
ip                120 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/libsmb/nmblib.c                  inet_ntoa (p->ip), p->port,
ip                719 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/libsmb/nmblib.c     packet->ip = lastip;
ip                746 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/libsmb/nmblib.c                length, inet_ntoa (packet->ip), packet->port));
ip                756 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/libsmb/nmblib.c send_udp (int fd, char *buf, int len, struct in_addr ip, int port)
ip                763 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/libsmb/nmblib.c     putip ((char *) &sock_out.sin_addr, (char *) &ip);
ip                767 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/libsmb/nmblib.c     DEBUG (5, ("Sending a packet of len %d to (%s) on port %d\n", len, inet_ntoa (ip), port));
ip                773 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/libsmb/nmblib.c                    inet_ntoa (ip), port, unix_error_string (errno)));
ip                957 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/libsmb/nmblib.c     return (send_udp (p->fd, buf, len, p->ip, p->port));
ip               1027 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/libsmb/nmblib.c sort_query_replies (char *data, int n, struct in_addr ip)
ip               1032 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/libsmb/nmblib.c     putip (sort_ip, (char *) &ip);
ip               1055 src/vfs/smbfs/smbfs.c     struct in_addr ip;
ip               1074 src/vfs/smbfs/smbfs.c         ip = (current_bucket->have_ip) ? current_bucket->dest_ip : ipzero;
ip               1086 src/vfs/smbfs/smbfs.c         if ((cli_set_port (c, current_bucket->port) == 0) || !cli_connect (c, server, &ip))