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main              159 src/consaver/cons.saver.c main (int argc, char **argv)
main              249 src/main.c     main (int argc, char *argv[])
main               44 tests/lib/library_independ.c main (void)
main              135 tests/lib/mc_build_filename.c main (void)
main              110 tests/lib/mc_realpath.c main (void)
main              239 tests/lib/mcconfig/config_string.c main (void)
main              208 tests/lib/mcconfig/user_configs_path.c main (void)
main              129 tests/lib/name_quote.c main (void)
main               95 tests/lib/search/glob_prepare_replace_str.c main (void)
main              107 tests/lib/search/glob_translate_to_regex.c main (void)
main              180 tests/lib/search/hex_translate_to_regex.c main (void)
main              141 tests/lib/search/regex_process_escape_sequence.c main (void)
main              212 tests/lib/search/regex_replace_esc_seq.c main (void)
main               84 tests/lib/search/translate_replace_glob_to_regex.c main (void)
main              360 tests/lib/serialize.c main (void)
main              380 tests/lib/strutil/filevercmp.c main (void)
main              144 tests/lib/strutil/parse_integer.c main (void)
main              171 tests/lib/strutil/replace__str_replace_all.c main (void)
main              121 tests/lib/strutil/str_verscmp.c main (void)
main              380 tests/lib/utilunix__mc_pstream_get_string.c main (void)
main               70 tests/lib/utilunix__my_system-fork_child.c main (void)
main               71 tests/lib/utilunix__my_system-fork_child_shell.c main (void)
main               66 tests/lib/utilunix__my_system-fork_fail.c main (void)
main              188 tests/lib/vfs/canonicalize_pathname.c main (void)
main              186 tests/lib/vfs/current_dir.c main (void)
main              238 tests/lib/vfs/path_cmp.c main (void)
main              127 tests/lib/vfs/path_len.c main (void)
main              436 tests/lib/vfs/path_manipulations.c main (void)
main              269 tests/lib/vfs/path_recode.c main (void)
main              187 tests/lib/vfs/path_serialize.c main (void)
main              199 tests/lib/vfs/relative_cd.c main (void)
main              124 tests/lib/vfs/tempdir.c main (void)
main              192 tests/lib/vfs/vfs_adjust_stat.c main (void)
main              144 tests/lib/vfs/vfs_get_encoding.c main (void)
main              409 tests/lib/vfs/vfs_parse_ls_lga.c main (void)
main              110 tests/lib/vfs/vfs_path_from_str_flags.c main (void)
main              315 tests/lib/vfs/vfs_path_string_convert.c main (void)
main              155 tests/lib/vfs/vfs_prefix_to_class.c main (void)
main              153 tests/lib/vfs/vfs_s_get_path.c main (void)
main              141 tests/lib/vfs/vfs_setup_cwd.c main (void)
main              192 tests/lib/vfs/vfs_split.c main (void)
main              220 tests/lib/widget/complete_engine.c main (void)
main              146 tests/lib/widget/group_init_destroy.c main (void)
main              152 tests/lib/widget/hotkey_equal.c main (void)
main              107 tests/lib/widget/widget_find_by_id.c main (void)
main              132 tests/lib/widget/widget_make_global_local.c main (void)
main              113 tests/lib/x_basename.c main (void)
main              383 tests/src/editor/edit_complete_word_cmd.c main (void)
main              186 tests/src/execute__execute_external_editor_or_viewer.c main (void)
main              189 tests/src/execute__execute_get_external_cmd_opts_from_config.c main (void)
main              218 tests/src/execute__execute_with_vfs_arg.c main (void)
main              159 tests/src/filemanager/cd_to.c main (void)
main              129 tests/src/filemanager/examine_cd.c main (void)
main              117 tests/src/filemanager/exec_get_export_variables_ext.c main (void)
main              144 tests/src/filemanager/filegui_is_wildcarded.c main (void)
main              164 tests/src/filemanager/get_random_hint.c main (void)
main              381 tests/src/vfs/extfs/helpers-list/mc_parse_ls_l.c main (int argc, char *argv[])
main              151 tests/src/vfs/ftpfs/ftpfs_parse_long_list.c main (void)


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