fprintf           217 lib/charsets.c         fprintf (stderr, "%s\n", _("Warning: cannot load codepages list"));
fprintf           161 lib/mcconfig/paths.c             fprintf (stderr, "%s %s\n", _("FATAL: not a directory:"), full_path);
fprintf           165 lib/skin/colors.c                 fprintf (stderr,
fprintf           247 lib/tty/tty-ncurses.c         fprintf (stdout, /* ESC_STR ")0" */ ESC_STR "7" ESC_STR "[?47h");
fprintf           259 lib/tty/tty-ncurses.c         fprintf (stdout, ESC_STR "[?47l" ESC_STR "8" ESC_STR "[m");
fprintf           295 lib/tty/tty-slang.c         fprintf (stderr,
fprintf           490 lib/tty/tty-slang.c         fprintf (stderr,
fprintf           933 lib/util.c         fprintf (stderr, "Fatal: decompress_extension called with an unknown argument\n");
fprintf          1256 lib/util.c             if (fprintf
fprintf          1262 lib/util.c                     if (fprintf (f, ";%zu", g_array_index (bookmarks, size_t, i)) < 0)
fprintf          1265 lib/util.c             if (fprintf (f, "\n") < 0)
fprintf          1276 lib/util.c             fprintf (f, "%s", buf);
fprintf           160 lib/utilunix.c         fprintf (stderr, "\n\nfork () = -1\n");
fprintf           865 lib/vfs/interface.c             fprintf (stderr,
fprintf           880 lib/vfs/interface.c             fprintf (stderr, error, buffer);
fprintf           900 lib/vfs/interface.c             fprintf (stderr, _("Temporary files will be created in %s\n"), sys_tmp);
fprintf           906 lib/vfs/interface.c             fprintf (stderr, _("Temporary files will not be created\n"));
fprintf           911 lib/vfs/interface.c         fprintf (stderr, "%s\n", _("Press any key to continue..."));
fprintf           894 lib/widget/input.c         fprintf (stderr, "Internal error: null Input *\n");
fprintf            69 lib/widget/input_complete.c #define SHOW_C_CTX(func) fprintf(stderr, "%s: text='%s' flags=%s\n", func, text, show_c_flags(flags))
fprintf           130 src/file_history.c             write_error = (fprintf (f, "%s\n", s->str) < 0);
fprintf           468 src/filemanager/ext.c         fprintf (cmd_file, "%s\n", export_variables);
fprintf           481 src/filemanager/ext.c         fprintf (cmd_file, "\n/bin/rm -f %s\n", vfs_path_as_str (script_vpath));
fprintf          1565 src/filemanager/hotlist.c             fprintf (hotlist_file, "#%s\n", current->label);
fprintf          1029 src/filemanager/layout.c         fprintf (stderr, "Cannot allocate more that %d views\n", MAX_VIEWS);
fprintf          1475 src/filemanager/layout.c         fprintf (stdout, "\33]0;%s\7", str_term_form (p));
fprintf           895 src/filemanager/mountlist.c             fprintf (stderr, "%s\n", _("Memory exhausted!"));
fprintf          1302 src/filemanager/mountlist.c     fprintf (stderr,
fprintf          1305 src/filemanager/mountlist.c     fprintf (stderr, "fsys_get_mount_dev():\n\tdevice='%s'\n", dev);
fprintf          1306 src/filemanager/mountlist.c     fprintf (stderr, "fsys_get_mount_pt():\n\tmount point='%s'\n", dir);
fprintf           178 src/filemanager/tree.c         fprintf (stderr, _("Cannot open the %s file for writing:\n%s\n"), tree_name,
fprintf           341 src/filemanager/treestore.c     fprintf (file, "%s\n", TREE_SIGNATURE);
fprintf           355 src/filemanager/treestore.c                 i = fprintf (file, "%d:%d %s\n", current->scanned ? 1 : 0, common, encoded);
fprintf           363 src/filemanager/treestore.c                 i = fprintf (file, "%d:%s\n", current->scanned ? 1 : 0, encoded);
fprintf           369 src/filemanager/treestore.c                 fprintf (stderr, _("Cannot write to the %s file:\n%s\n"),
fprintf           242 src/main.c             fprintf (stderr, _("Failed to run:\n%s\n"), mcerror->message);
fprintf           493 src/main.c             fprintf (stderr, _("\nFailed while close:\n%s\n"), mcerror->message);
fprintf           263 src/subshell/common.c         fprintf (stderr, "Cannot set pty terminal modes: %s\r\n", unix_error_string (errno));
fprintf           350 src/subshell/common.c         fprintf (stderr, __FILE__ ": unimplemented subshell type %u\r\n", mc_global.shell->type);
fprintf           560 src/subshell/common.c             fprintf (stderr, "select (FD_SETSIZE, &read_set...): %s\r\n",
fprintf           586 src/subshell/common.c                 fprintf (stderr, "read (subshell_pty...): %s\r\n", unix_error_string (errno));
fprintf           602 src/subshell/common.c                 fprintf (stderr, "read (subshell_pipe[READ]...): %s\r\n",
fprintf           626 src/subshell/common.c                 fprintf (stderr,
fprintf           703 src/subshell/common.c         fprintf (stderr, "open (%s, O_RDWR): %s\r\n", pty_name, unix_error_string (errno));
fprintf           711 src/subshell/common.c             fprintf (stderr, "ioctl (%d, I_PUSH, \"ptem\") failed: %s\r\n",
fprintf           720 src/subshell/common.c             fprintf (stderr,
fprintf           730 src/subshell/common.c             fprintf (stderr,
fprintf           802 src/subshell/common.c         fprintf (stderr, "open (pty_name, O_RDWR): %s\r\n", pty_name);
fprintf          1044 src/subshell/common.c             fprintf (stderr, "Cannot open master and slave sides of pty: %s\n",
fprintf          1053 src/subshell/common.c             fprintf (stderr, "Cannot open master side of pty: %s\r\n", unix_error_string (errno));
fprintf          1060 src/subshell/common.c             fprintf (stderr, "Cannot open slave side of pty %s: %s\r\n",
fprintf          1075 src/subshell/common.c                 fprintf (stderr, "mkfifo(%s) failed: %s\r\n", tcsh_fifo, unix_error_string (errno));
fprintf          1085 src/subshell/common.c                 fprintf (stderr, _("Cannot open named pipe %s\n"), tcsh_fifo);
fprintf          1107 src/subshell/common.c         fprintf (stderr, "Cannot spawn the subshell process: %s\r\n", unix_error_string (errno));
fprintf          1226 src/subshell/common.c             fprintf (stderr, "select (FD_SETSIZE, &tmp...): %s\r\n", unix_error_string (errno));
fprintf          1282 src/subshell/common.c                 fprintf (stderr, "Cannot remove named pipe %s: %s\r\n",
fprintf          1406 src/subshell/common.c         fprintf (stderr, "Cannot get terminal settings: %s\r\n", unix_error_string (errno));
fprintf          1416 src/vfs/extfs/extfs.c             fprintf (stderr, _("Warning: cannot open %s directory\n"), dirname);
fprintf           312 src/vfs/ftpfs/ftpfs.c         fprintf (me->logfile, "MC -- ftpfs_translate_path: %s\n", remote_path);
fprintf           680 src/vfs/ftpfs/ftpfs.c             fprintf (me->logfile, "MC -- remote_is_amiga = %s\n",
fprintf           443 src/vfs/sfs/sfs.c         fprintf (stderr, _("%s: Warning: file %s not found\n"), "sfs_init()", mc_sfsini);
fprintf           473 src/vfs/sfs/sfs.c             fprintf (stderr, _("Warning: Invalid line in %s:\n%s\n"), "sfs.ini", key);
fprintf           490 src/vfs/sfs/sfs.c                 fprintf (stderr, _("Warning: Invalid flag %c in %s:\n%s\n"), *c, "sfs.ini", key);
fprintf            82 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/netmask.c         fprintf (stderr, "socket failed\n");
fprintf            92 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/netmask.c         fprintf (stderr, "SIOCGIFCONF failed\n");
fprintf           103 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/netmask.c     fprintf (stderr, "%d interfaces - looking for %s\n", n, inet_ntoa (*ipaddr));
fprintf           112 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/netmask.c             fprintf (stderr, "SIOCGIFADDR failed\n");
fprintf           118 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/netmask.c         fprintf (stderr, "interface %s\n",
fprintf           129 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/netmask.c             fprintf (stderr, "SIOCGIFNETMASK failed\n");
fprintf           137 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/netmask.c         fprintf (stderr, "netmask %s\n", inet_ntoa (*nmask));
fprintf           143 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/netmask.c     fprintf (stderr, "interface not found\n");
fprintf           186 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/netmask.c         fprintf (stderr, "socket failed\n");
fprintf           199 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/netmask.c         fprintf (stderr, "SIOCGIFCONF failed\n");
fprintf           213 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/netmask.c         fprintf (stderr, "interface %s\n",
fprintf           225 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/netmask.c         fprintf (stderr, "interface not found\n");
fprintf           239 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/netmask.c         fprintf (stderr, "Failed SIOCGIFNETMASK\n");
fprintf           248 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/netmask.c     fprintf (stderr, "netmask %s\n", inet_ntoa (*nmask));
fprintf           290 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/netmask.c         fprintf (stderr, "socket failed\n");
fprintf           302 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/netmask.c         fprintf (stderr, "SIOCGIFCONF failed\n");
fprintf           314 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/netmask.c         fprintf (stderr, "interface %s\n",
fprintf           329 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/netmask.c         fprintf (stderr, "interface not found\n");
fprintf           338 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/netmask.c         fprintf (stderr, "SIOCGIFNETMASK failed\n");
fprintf           348 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/netmask.c     fprintf (stderr, "netmask %s\n", inet_ntoa (*nmask));
fprintf           375 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/netmask.c         fprintf (stderr, "gethostname failed\n");
fprintf           383 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/netmask.c         fprintf (stderr, "gethostbyname failed\n");
fprintf           392 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/netmask.c     fprintf (stderr, "get_netmask failed\n");
fprintf          2852 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/util.c         fprintf (f, "%c", isprint (buf[i]) ? buf[i] : '.');
fprintf          2866 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/util.c     fprintf (f, "[%03X] ", i);
fprintf          2869 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/util.c         fprintf (f, "%02X ", (int) buf[i]);
fprintf          2872 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/util.c             fprintf (f, " ");
fprintf          2876 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/util.c             fprintf (f, " ");
fprintf          2878 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/util.c             fprintf (f, "\n");
fprintf          2880 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/util.c                 fprintf (f, "[%03X] ", i);
fprintf          2888 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/util.c         fprintf (f, " ");
fprintf          2890 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/util.c             fprintf (f, " ");
fprintf          2893 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/util.c             fprintf (f, "   ");
fprintf          2897 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/util.c         fprintf (f, " ");
fprintf          2901 src/vfs/smbfs/helpers/lib/util.c         fprintf (f, "\n");
fprintf           228 src/viewer/coord_cache.c         (void) fprintf (f,
fprintf           238 src/viewer/coord_cache.c     (void) fprintf (f, "\n");
fprintf           244 src/viewer/coord_cache.c         (void) fprintf (f,
fprintf           253 src/viewer/coord_cache.c         (void) fprintf (f, "nextline_offset %8" PRIuMAX "\n", (uintmax_t) nextline_offset);
fprintf           261 src/viewer/coord_cache.c             (void) fprintf (f,