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This tree contains unit tests.
To compile and run the tests, do 'make check' (either in the top folder,
or just in the folder containing the tests you're interested in).
IMPORTANT: To compile the tests, you need to have the "Check" unit
testing framework[1] installed.[2] If you have it installed, you will see
"Unit tests: yes" in configure's summary message; if you don't see this
message, you won't be able to compile the tests.[3]
Tips and tricks
* To be able to step with the debugger into test code, see [4]. E.g., do:
    $ export CK_FORK=no
[2]: Your package manager likely has it.
[3]: Actually, some tests (like src/vfs/extfs/helpers-list) don't use
     this framework and will compile just fine. But that's the exception.

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