D_NORMAL          247 lib/lock.c                         (_("File locked"), msg, D_NORMAL, 2, _("&Grab lock"), _("&Ignore lock")))
D_NORMAL          719 lib/utilunix.c         message (D_NORMAL, _("Warning"), _("Pipe failed"));
D_NORMAL          724 lib/utilunix.c         message (D_NORMAL, _("Warning"), _("Dup failed"));
D_NORMAL          229 src/diffviewer/search.c         query_dialog (_("Search"), _(STR_E_NOTFOUND), D_NORMAL, 1, _("&Dismiss"));
D_NORMAL         3089 src/diffviewer/ydiff.c                         D_NORMAL, 2, _("&Yes"), _("&No"));
D_NORMAL           75 src/editor/edit-impl.h #define edit_query_dialog(h,s) query_dialog (h, s, D_NORMAL, 1, _("&Dismiss"))
D_NORMAL           76 src/editor/edit-impl.h #define edit_query_dialog2(h,t,a,b) query_dialog (h, t, D_NORMAL, 2, a, b)
D_NORMAL           77 src/editor/edit-impl.h #define edit_query_dialog3(h,t,a,b,c) query_dialog (h, t, D_NORMAL, 3, a, b, c)
D_NORMAL         2132 src/editor/editcmd.c                             _("Which syntax file you want to edit?"), D_NORMAL, 2,
D_NORMAL         2178 src/editor/editcmd.c                         _("Which menu file do you want to edit?"), D_NORMAL,
D_NORMAL         2728 src/editor/editcmd.c                 query_dialog (_("Replace"), _(STR_E_NOTFOUND), D_NORMAL, 1, _("&OK"));
D_NORMAL         2740 src/editor/editcmd.c         message (D_NORMAL, _("Replace"), _("%ld replacements made"), times_replaced);
D_NORMAL          701 src/filemanager/boxes.c         message (D_NORMAL, _("Information"),
D_NORMAL          138 src/filemanager/cmd.c             query_dialog (_("Confirmation"), _("Files tagged, want to cd?"), D_NORMAL, 2,
D_NORMAL          949 src/filemanager/cmd.c                             _("Which extension file you want to edit?"), D_NORMAL, 2,
D_NORMAL          991 src/filemanager/cmd.c                         D_NORMAL, geteuid ()? 2 : 3, _("&Local"), _("&User"), _("&System Wide"));
D_NORMAL         1048 src/filemanager/cmd.c                             _("Which highlighting file you want to edit?"), D_NORMAL, 2,
D_NORMAL         1146 src/filemanager/cmd.c                       _("Select compare method:"), D_NORMAL, 4,
D_NORMAL         1496 src/filemanager/cmd.c         message (D_NORMAL, _("Setup"), _("Setup saved to %s"), path);
D_NORMAL         1069 src/filemanager/midnight.c         if (query_dialog (_("The Midnight Commander"), msg, D_NORMAL, 2, _("&Yes"), _("&No")) != 0)
D_NORMAL         1077 src/filemanager/midnight.c                            D_NORMAL, 2, _("&Yes"), _("&No")) == 0)
D_NORMAL         2822 src/filemanager/panel.c         && query_dialog (_("The Midnight Commander"), _("Do you really want to execute?"), D_NORMAL,
D_NORMAL          367 src/filemanager/panelize.c         message (D_NORMAL, _("External panelize"), _("Pipe close failed"));
D_NORMAL          368 src/filemanager/panelize.c     close_error_pipe (D_NORMAL, NULL);
D_NORMAL          362 src/help.c             message (D_NORMAL, _("Warning"), "%s", _("Internal bug: Double start of link area"));
D_NORMAL          119 src/learn.c                message (D_NORMAL, _("Cannot accept this key"), _("You have entered \"%s\""), seq);
D_NORMAL         1221 src/subshell/common.c                           D_NORMAL, 2, _("&Yes"), _("&No")) == 0;
D_NORMAL          320 src/usermenu.c             message (D_NORMAL, _("Debug"), "%s", msg);
D_NORMAL          590 src/usermenu.c         message (D_NORMAL, _("Warning -- ignoring file"),
D_NORMAL          226 src/vfs/sfs/sfs.c     close_error_pipe (D_NORMAL, NULL);
D_NORMAL          660 src/viewer/actions_cmd.c                           _("File was modified. Save with exit?"), D_NORMAL, 3,
D_NORMAL          667 src/viewer/actions_cmd.c                           D_NORMAL, 2, _("&Yes"), _("&No"));
D_NORMAL          398 src/viewer/search.c             (_("Search done"), _("Continue from beginning?"), D_NORMAL, 2, _("&Yes"),
D_NORMAL          430 src/viewer/search.c             query_dialog (_("Search"), _(STR_E_NOTFOUND), D_NORMAL, 1, _("&Dismiss"));
D_NORMAL          432 src/viewer/search.c             query_dialog (_("Search"), view->search->error_str, D_NORMAL, 1, _("&Dismiss"));